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Giving Back 

At Pointer Creek, we believe in the power of giving back to our community. It's not just a responsibility; it's our passion. From our food drives, to our "Investing Local" program, we're committed to making a difference where it matters most. Partnering with local organizations like WFMJ and Second Harvest Food Bank, we've seen the impact firsthand. But our efforts extend beyond charity events; we're dedicated to education too. That's why we offer free Financial Literacy Workshops, empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures. Join us in our mission to build a stronger, more resilient community, one step at a time. 

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On July 25th we held the Pointer Creek Drive Through to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank in association with WFMJ and their Project Feed Our Valley initiative. Through the generosity of our clients and valley locals we were able to donate over 1000 lbs. of non-perishable food items and with the additional cash donations, we were able to deliver over 16,000 meals for those in need in the valley!
Check out the coverage for the event courtesy of WFMJ!

Click on the logo below to donate to those in need!

Check out the coverage for the event courtesy of WFMJ!

Check out Pictures from the event below!

Pointer Creek's Drive Thru Food Drive

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Through our "Investing Local" program we "invest" in a community giveaway, obtained from a locally owned business, with the "investment return" of generating smiles from randomly surprised patrons or prize winners. There is never a cost or requirement to partake; it's completely open to the general public in the hopes we can cause a tiny ripple effect with random acts of kindness. 

If you have an idea for the "Investing Local" program that you think would result in our local community paying-it-forward, submit to our Connect With Us page or use the email here and we will do our very best to include in the 2024 campaign!

Pointer Creek's Investing Local Program

Pointer Creek offers free workshops on real-world financial literacy for accredited educational institutions and non-profits focused on helping individuals achieve the general awareness and pitfall avoidance that is not taught in schools.

Interested in making an impact? A simple 45-minute presentation could equip attendees with the basic questions and thought process to make a lifetime of better financial decisions. To discuss a project or curriculum, contact us today!

Call or Email Today!

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Pointer Creek's Financial Literacy Seminars

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