corporate investment Services

Wealthport Accounts: Offer fee-based discretionary selection and monitoring of your organization's investment portfolio, including but not limited to:

  • Active and passive exchange traded funds

  • Institutional class mutual funds

  • Index funds

  • Closed-end funds

  • Individual stock & bond holdings

  • Covered call / put option strategies



​Corporate Cash Management Accounts: We assemble and monitor short-term corporate cash management accounts utilizing ultra-short duration bonds and money market accounts. The objective is to allow for funding of short term company obligations, while earning interest on funds that would otherwise be parked in a corporate checking account earning little or no interest.

Employee / Owner Benefit Programs: We implement and service employee / owner benefit programs for health and welfare programs including but not limited to:

  • Section 419 health & welfare benefit plans

  • Traditional healthcare plans

  • MEWA (multiple employer welfare arrangement) healthcare plans

  • Self insured employee healthcare plans

  • Gap insurance plans to compliment high deductible H.S.A. plans

  • Ancillary benefit packages

  • Voluntary employee benefits

Corporate Retirement Plans: We design, implement and service all types of defined benefit and defined contribution corporate retirement plans, including but not limited to:

  • Traditional and Roth 401(k)

  • Profit sharing plans (age weighted / salary ratio / cross-tested / new comparability)

  • Cash balance defined benefit plans

  • ESOP plans

​Private Investment Opportunities: We conduct extensive due diligence relating to private placement investments for those entities meeting SEC Regulation D (Accredited Investor Status) and present only what we feel to be the best opportunities.


Guaranteed Investments: We offer an array of options for entities seeking conservative investments with guaranteed principal and / or income. Including but not limited to:

  • Fixed annuities

  • CD type annuities

  • Guaranteed income contracts

  • Variable annuities

  • Fixed index annuities

  • Guaranteed bonds

  • Brokerage CDs

corporate Financial Planning

Much like individual planning, the combination of advanced planning software and real world planning experience gives you secure access to view and monitor your company's entire financial scenario in one place, where we can answer questions and model "what if" scenarios anytime via screen sharing or in person meeting. We utilize a three meeting process we have refined over the past two decades, to prepare all written financial planning engagements according to the fiduciary standards of the Certified Financial Planner Board. You can learn more about the CFP certification and board standards here.

We offer:

  • Retirement income planning for owners and employees

  • Design and modeling of executive carve-out benefit programs

  • Tax planning for the entity and / or owners

  • Entity selection analysis - modeling corporate structure and taxation

  • Business owned trust planning


  • Entity risk management analysis and vendor selection

  • Company benefit benchmarking

  • Management of employee benefit RFPs

  • ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) analysis

  • Business succession planning (sale / gifting / ESOP / buy-sell transaction)

  • Estate planning for owner(s)